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Default Re: When do you remove a curse and how do you equip carried items?

Originally Posted by johnnyRolePlayer View Post
I know you remove a curse once a penalty takes effect, there were some cards that seemed to stay without a way to get rid of it.

Also, on items that are carried but not equipped, how do you unequip an item so you can use the carried item. I had a big two hand item of +4. I then put down a big two hand that was +5. I could not equip the +5 because I already had one, so it was being carried.

How would I ever get to play the +5 and either carry or get rid of the +4?

You remove a curse as soon as it hits you, preferably before it takes effect if at all possible. If you couldn't and it stays in play affecting you, remove it when you are able to. Otherwise, yes it still affects you until removed.
You can equip/unequip items at any time on your turn other than combat.
Unless you have an ability to play multiple Big items, you can only have one in play. By "in play", it means everything you have on the table. You can't wield a big two-handed sword and be carrying another big item unused on the side without something that allows for multiple big items.

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