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Tuesday, February 28th, 1871, late afternoon in Adelaide...

Chase closed the case, the lock catching with an audible snap,
and said to Garley, "It's all there, every bit of it. Twenty thousand
pounds, just as they promised."

Garley shook his head, still having trouble believing just how
much money had come into their possession.
Twenty thousand
pounds after expenses! He and Chase were each going to be
pocketing fully ten thousand pounds, it was more money than he
had ever imagined possessing in his life, it was more money than
his father or grandfather together had earned in their entire
working lives. It was enough money that he was more or less
'set for life', to use an expression of which an American friend
of his had been fond.

Garley still did not know who his mysterious employers had really
been, what their employees had been doing out there in the desert,
or what they had been seeking, except that it somehow involved
that damned weird yellow glass egg-thing. When Garley had led
the second party out to the site, they had been very excited to see
that, and there was no doubt in the Englishman's mind that the egg-
thing was what their employers had sought.

Garley had wracked his brain for days, trying to figure out what
was so important about the thing, and how it had come to be buried
out there in the desert. He still did not know what had happened
to the first crew of diggers, and Garley doubted he ever would.
In fact, he suspected, and in fact hoped, that he would never come
into contact with this whole business again. It was not that he
was not curious, he was in fact burning to know what was going
on, but Garley considered ten thousand pounds to be a completely
acceptable substitute for explanations.

Ten thousand pounds! Garley thought to himself in disbelief.
I may not be rich, not quite...but I’m certainly close enough
to it! Anybody willing to pay that much, anybody able to
pay that much, just for silence...yes, best to be on their good side.

Garley still did not know the actual identity of his true employer
in this last job, he'd always dealt with intermediaries, but whoever
it was had pull, able to make what should have been a big news
story and a major legal matter just go away. Garley had no
evidence or reason to believe that anything actually illegal was
happening...but he was happy to leave it at that. He had just turned
fifty-one, and he was not going to jeopardize a ten thousand
pound payoff just for the sake of curiosity. He had talked it over
with Chase and he knew his partner felt similarly. Both men were
retiring to enjoy their new financial security, neither was getting
any younger, after all, and now Garley felt financially free to ask
Molly to marry him.

Garley's first wife had died fifteen years before, and he'd never
thought he would remarry, but he had met Molly a few years
before, a pretty, intelligent widow herself, forty-five years old,
and now that he had the wherewithal, he was going to ask for
her hand and he was pretty sure she would accept. A man could
do far worse than to be able to retire to a comfortable nice house
on his own land, married to a lady like Molly, not having to
worry about income or risk his neck in dangerous situations.

But still, Garley mused, he couldn't help but wonder just what
the Hell that glass egg was all about!

For now, let us leave Chase and Garley to their well-earned and newly secure
retirement, and return our attention to the time after the Great War, having seen
the discovery of the mysterious item that left Garley so curious. Regarding the
nature of that object, and what it means for the world of 1920 and beyond, we
shall see and learn...MORE LATER.

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