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Default Re: Spellfire Translation

Originally Posted by Praxian View Post
Reason I wondered about contact agent is because of how it's worded. "Your attack must touch bare skin or porous clothing to have any effect at all." So while unliving things may not have "skin" per se, they do have equivalent things to be setup to be "touched" to be drained. That was my logic behind not being sure as to add CA or not.
Yeah, I'm not sure either. Hopefully someone else can help with this one.

Originally Posted by Praxian View Post
=D With that in mind, may not worry about aoe spells then. :) Just leave it as it is so that my brain doesn't crunch so hard on other things. =D
For Area Spells, if it's Resisted, then Immunity to Magic should protect the character. If it's damage-dealing, then DR should protect the character. Either way, Area Spells are covered!

Originally Posted by Praxian View Post
I was double-checking "Absorption", and while the +80% is more appropriate than the 100% version, ER = FP for terms of figuring out this and that. Would using the "Accelerated Healing" from Leech be appropriate for Absorption as well as it pertains to using energy associated with using the Spellfire ya think?

As it stands right now, for every 3 points of damage absorbed, 1 point of ER would be healed. With the Accelerated healing, it would be a 1 to 1 basis.
Seems reasonable to me as it's equivalent values to Leech.
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