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Originally Posted by Praxian View Post
Looking @ Leech, here's what I came up with for that as it pertains to draining the magical effects from them and items:

Leech: (-25% / -55%)
Accelerated Healing +25%
Only heals ER -20%
Magic Only -20%
Origin: Magic -10%

Contact Agent -30%

Unsure about Contact Agent, but it sounds good from what I read of Leech on p. 96 in Powers - opinions?
I wonder about Contact Agent as well. Against living things, Contact Agent necessitates skin contact. Do unliving things have skin? Do they normally have protective coverings of some sort? Maybe Contact Agent with an unliving target necessitates direct contact, while not having Contact Agent means you can drain the item through a pouch, or back pack, or other item in which it is carried?

Originally Posted by Praxian View Post
For the burning attack it would be appropriate to add the +300% cosmic modifier of "Ignores DR".

One of the things I've always wondered, would it be approriate to change it from "Cosmic: Ignores DR" to "Magical: Ignores DR"?

In this case, Spellfire and all associated abilities do not work in a no magic zone. However with a burning attack that has a cosmic modifier from my understanding of the rules it would work in a no magic zone.

Now that my brain is rested, and my thoughts are somewhat coherent, thoughts? :)
A Cosmic Power Modifier (what I believe you're refering to as "Origin") is different than a Cosmic enhancement. Cosmic, Irresistible Attack does not automatically give an ability the Cosmic Power Modifier. EDIT: So, no, your burning attack would not work in a no mana zone unless you apply another Cosmic enhancement to it (or just removed the "Mana-Sensitive, -5%" portion of the Magical PM).

So Cosmic, Irresistible Attack does not change to Magical, Irresistible Attack. You list the two separately: "Cosmic, Irresistible Attack, +300%" and "Magical, -10%".

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