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Default Re: Suggestion for Superiors 4 (if plans aren't already made)

Originally Posted by ISNorden View Post
With Jordi, Novalis, Jean and Marc on the back burner at SJG...why not release those four Archangels in one book called "Nature and Culture"? (Jean's word of Lightning covers both literal storms and technological discovery, so he'd be the bridge between the title concepts.)
There actually already is a Superiors 4 -- it's another infernal collection, though it's not been PDF'd yet. This one featured Secrets, Greed, Technology, Drugs, and Theft. After that, everything was done in single-shot PDFs, rather than full-scale books.

I believe the original plan, before the direction of the line changed, was to do eight books on the current Superiors (alternating between Heaven and Hell) and then two more on those who had vanished or been destroyed. Obviously, that scheme is now as dead as the Bone Citidel, but with the single-shots, I think we're up to the equivalent of five volumes.

Hopefully, there's more to come! I think many of us have ideas we'd like to see become reality, no?

EDIT: Also, to date, I've only heard of Marc being in the pipeline, or anywhere close to it. The other three are in the category of "We'd like to do them, but they've not been done" -- ie, unwritten and currently without a prospective author.
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