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Default Re: Translation problems in new GURPS Lite Spanish

Originally Posted by Exar_Kun View Post
I still find weird "Acometida". I dont remember ever using that word for combat and I practice western martial arts.
I think that it's good to have more people participating in this thread, and great if they know Spanish. Exar_Kun: if you have a better term, please share it!

My take, my guess, is that since there are many martial arts, each one of them with their own terms suited for their specific attacks and movements, if we use the specific vocabulary of one of them we are going to find the aforementioned difficulty of using "Estocada" for attacking with the tip of a quarterstaff, or "Tajo" for swinging a weapon without blade: we need broad terms for the ample repertoire of weapons available in the GURPS system, terms applicable to piercing weapons, to weapons with blade, to weapons without blade nor point, etc.

So, in this case, maybe a linguistic approach is better than a martial arts one. I think that the linguistic approach was the one used for picking "Acometida" instead "Estocada" for thrusting attacks.

Originally Posted by Kuroshima View Post
  • Thrust -> Acometida (Official 3rd ed translation)
  • Swing -> Revés (The official 3rd ed translation was Mandoble, and IMHO this one is better. It means backhand, when in a Tennis vontext, and it's the closest thing we could think.)
I've been thinking about revés for translating swing in the context of GURPS. And seemingly it makes sense beyond tennis.

According to the dictionary of the Real Academia Española (RAE), this term has also a martial arts meaning (Esgrima):


(Del lat. reversus, vuelto).

(. . .)

7. m. Esgr. Golpe que se da con la espada diagonalmente, partiendo de izquierda a derecha.
Translated to English: "Diagonal strike with a sword, from left to right."

And even if a sword is mentioned, the term retains a broader meaning for crushing attacks. Perhaps I'm missing something, but to my mind revés seems very fit for translating swing.
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