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Default Superiors 3 is in PDF!

This is the product of your dreams. It'll light your fire and inspire your faith. It is your destiny.

OK, what it really is is the PDF version of In Nomine Superiors 3: Hope and Prophecy, which gives detailed information on the tragic Blandine, Archangel of Dreams; the intense Gabriel, Archangel of Fire; the engimatic Yves, Archangel of Destiny;and the now-reformed Khalid, Archangel of Faith. (Those of you who first met Khalid in The Final Trumpet will find that he's stabilized a bit.)

Learn the truths, hear the rumors and revel in the details. Even the Superiors may see through a glass darkly ... but through e23, In Nomine GMs can clean up the mirror a little bit.

Buy, download and enjoy!
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