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Default Re: Translation problems in new GURPS Lite Spanish

Originally Posted by lachimba View Post
What silly jokes can I get out of empuje?
You are asking me to let the cat out of the bag.

Originally Posted by Phil Masters View Post
I don't speak Spanish, but I have a copy of Mundodisco: El Juego de Rol to hand, and it appears that, in the GURPS 3e Lite version in that, Thrust and Swing are translated as Estocada and Tajo.

(Consistency between editions and books isn't sacred, but it rarely hurts.)
Aha, I don't have that book. "Estocada" and "Tajo" is one of the most straightforward translations here, and both being combat related terms, it would be technically correct. The issue is that both terms assume specific types of weapons and exclude others: "Estocada" implies a piercing or impaling weapon, while "Tajo" implies a cutting one. Thus, such terms aren't suited for describing thrusting or swinging attacks made with -for instance- a Quarterstaff, causing crushing damage.

Instead of "Estocada", the term "Acometida" used in the translation of GURPS Basic Set (third edition) by the Spanish publisher La Factoría de Ideas years ago is broader and more suitable for translating the GURPS term thrust.

And arrived to this point, we have proposed a number of alternatives for translating swing, the most tricky of these two terms.

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