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Default Re: Translation problems in new GURPS Lite Spanish

Originally Posted by Phil Masters View Post
I don't speak Spanish, but I have a copy of Mundodisco: El Juego de Rol to hand, and it appears that, in the GURPS 3e Lite version in that, Thrust and Swing are translated as Estocada and Tajo.

(Consistency between editions and books isn't sacred, but it rarely hurts.)
(so do I, and I also owned a copy of 3rd ed revised in Spanish)

And this consistency is already missing, since 3rd ed revised in Spanish used "Acometida" and "Mandoble". The issue is that 3rd ed revised was published by La Factoria de Ideas and Discworld was published by Edge Entertainment.

As for those terms, they have the same issues that have been already given in this thread. "Estocada" means thrust in a fencing context, but completely fails for things like punches, while "Acometida" works for both. "Tajo" means literally cut, with some swinging overtones, so using a staff, it sounds very strange, since the cutting part is primary while the swinging part is secondary.

As it's been already discused before, thrust is relatively straighforward to translate, and the 3rd ed revised "Acometida" is almost perfect. Swing however, is much harder.
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