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Default Re: Elves of the Shielded-Lands

Originally Posted by Trachmyr View Post
Technically, Androgynous Appearance is a Perk unless your attractiveness level is Handsome/Beautiful or better.

I also usually give "Off-The Shelf-Looks" to any race that has a higher appearance than average, although individuals can buy it off at character creation if they stand out. But that's a matter of taste.
I know Androgynous does nothing at the basic level they have, except one thing set s the standards for individual who buys higher levels of appearance also buys at as Universal Androgynous as well, it ment to represent their Fey nature.

Originally Posted by Trachmyr View Post
I also don't understand the Night Vision (5) feature on the second template since it also has Dark Vision (Color). Night Vision as a feature penalizes vision rolls in bright light, but gives bonuses under dim light. But with Color Dark Vision, your taking a significant Penalty without getting anything in return. I can't remember if any of the books had Light Sensativity, but I'd take that instead at -1 per level, which has the added benefit of making both templates equal in value.
well Light Sensitivity isn't in any book I can find, And also the examples I could find the GURPS Fantasy night vision feature 8/ but yes -1/level fits.

How ever If I removed color vision from night vision would your issue still stand?
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