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Default Re: Elves of the Shielded-Lands

Technically, Androgynous Appearance is a Perk unless your attractiveness level is Handsome/Beautiful or better.

I also usually give "Off-The Shelf-Looks" to any race that has a higher appearance than average, although individuals can buy it off at character creation if they stand out. But that's a matter of taste.

I also don't understand the Night Vision (5) feature on the second template since it also has Dark Vision (Color). Night Vision as a feature penalizes vision rolls in bright light, but gives bonuses under dim light. But with Color Dark Vision, your taking a significant Penalty without getting anything in return. I can't remember if any of the books had Light Sensativity, but I'd take that instead at -1 per level, which has the added benefit of making both templates equal in value.
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