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<<We have a means of fighting the Blazen. Because they cannot actually enter a universe themselves they must imprint themselves onto the universe instead. This they can only do by exploiting an agressive minority; the exact definition of this term is loose at best since it covers everything from a group of peace protesters up to a Nazi war-machine that has made a pact with demons.>>

<<The means of imprinting involves directly over-writing the souls of those who form the minority; these souls are, to the best of our knowledge, lost at that point. For this reason we have acquired a number of allies who would otherwise not interfere in such an affair as this.>>

<<By disrupting the activities of the Blazen before they can open a CVE, either by disrupting or destroying the minority they are exploiting or taking away their reason for being a minority. Either way, the Blazen can be stopped.>>

<<The hard part is in identifying these minorities before it is too late. Our main means of identification is that the Blazen carry a lot of power with them when they imprint themselves, and so can empower their hosts. Normally this means exploiting local capabilities, such as enhancing magic or psi powers, though we have seen other effects as well.>>

<<If you are willing to join up in this war, then we will ask you to go into these universes and stop the Blazen before they can open a CVE. Sometimes this will be easy, sometimes hard. Sometimes we fail and the Blazen claim a universe. So far we have no way of claiming them back. I will tell you this though: if you wish to run, you will do so for the rest of your life. As I said, our best calculations put ninety percent of the universes in the Human phase-space in danger. It will require over two hundred trillion jumps between universes to escape them. Even at one a minute, that is thousands of years of running.>>
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