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Default Game: Guess the (historical) character!

Hi everyone. I started this thread because a while ago, on the guess the character! thread, someone posted as a character Giuseppe Garibaldi, a historical figure. There was a discussion, and then it was agreed that real-world characters did not belong to that thread. Well, I'm starting a new thread for them. Here's the first one:

TL 7 (early 1960's)

ST 10-11
DX 11
IQ 9-10
HT 10

Reputation (ex-Marine)
Higher Purpose (Kill FNORD)
Signature Gear (FNORD rifle)
Delusion (Minor)

Photography - 11
Soldier - 9
Guns (Rifle) - 12

I know, his point total in negative. This guy was seriously f***ed up.

EDIT: Dead people only! (And no TL8 people. Sorry, Osama Bin Laden fanboys)

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