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Default Re: [IC] In Nomine -- The Redemption of Eli

[OOGM: Holy crap, I let 3 weeks go by! Sorry about that! Can you tell that the school year has started?]

As you watch, you can see several of the Creationers exchange glances when Rudy reports the part about how one of the Redeemed said that Eli thought he could still Redeem.

"Thank you for bringing this to us," the Seraph Faber says to. "We are grateful to hear from you, and we are grateful for the concern that Flowers has shown. All we would ask is that you continue to be as discrete as possible in any inquiries that you make. As you know, the reticence of our patron has made all of us suspect in the eyes of many of Judgement. The Truth of the matter remains... obscure."

The Heavenly tongue emphasizes the reverence that Faber feels for the word Truth as he says it.

"I hope you will forgive us if we do not completely share with you everything that we know about Creation."

When he says Creation, the implication is clear that he's talking about the person of Eli, rather than Creation in a broader sense. You can sense Buck and some others seeming vaguely uncomfortable as Faber makes this last statement.

"I will tell you this much, for I believe it may be one of the things most relevant to your search," the Seraph continues. "Sightings of Eli have been becoming rarer in the last few years. Many of the sightings seem inconsequential; he's seen at a party, or has left behind a minor artifact. Occasionally we hear of a redemption candidate, such as this angel Euodias you spoke to us of. In the last decade, though, we have received news from several of the Word-Bound in Creation whose Words have themes woven deeply into the Symphony, that Eli has met with them on the Corporeal plane, and spoken cryptically to them about 'carrying on the torch.' I myself am not particularly comfortable with metaphor, as best I have been able to understand speaking with angels better equipped to handel the dissembling speech of the mortal world, the implication would seem to be that Eli expected to be absent from Heaven for an extended period of time, perhaps not seen at all by any of his servitors. Is he going on a long expedition somewhere? We do not know."

"You may wish to seek out some of these Word-Bound and speak with them. It may well be that your perspective will bring to the question something that we in Creation have not been able to see. Although doubtless Eli has met with more than have reported to us, he has spoken at least with Music, New Life, Software-as-Art, and Graphic Novels."

It's apparent to you that as he lists each of those, he's talking about the particular Angel that holds that word; it's common (if not ubiquitous) in Heaven (and sometimes on Earth) for angels to refer to word-bound by the name of their Word rather than their more proper name.
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