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anyone have house rules on the Super Munchikin powers that give the theft ability. me and my friends made some house rules but every time we argue back and forth here are some problems we encounter and some things we have said


-ability to use over and over in a turn and attempt to steal all all really critical items and it becomes very unfair
-stealing is too easy
not as much of a penalty for the amount of power it gives the player.

House Rules So Far:

-steal once per turn
-the person being the target of theft can either discard a card to redirect the theft to another card the targeted player or lose a level to roll and try to negate it all together

newer rule due to the fact that stealing is way to powerful and broke the gameplay

-cant use the theft ability and theft powers are one less rank

im looking to see if anyone has any rules that balance this card for all or any suggestions that may help. it truly is a card that ruins game play
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