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Default My house rules..

My main problem with MQ is the downtime between each player. So I tried to take the turns and firstplayer element from AH and I think I came up with a quite good way to play.

I have only tried this with a 2 player game have yet to try it out with the group.
I have a first player token and when you get that you draw your DxM "beginning of turn card" and you may use one movement or flip one foot. after you resolve that foot combat,deal etc.. then the player to your right flips over his first foot. but does not get his "DxM beginning of turn card". but just does what ever on his movement after that the player to his right uses his first foot. (if the player chooses to go over a locked door with 2 or 3 movements he may and finish that movement turn) but if he has no more feet then he must wait until all other players waste their feet.

Monster movement, if there are any monsters of the players color in the dungeon after that colored player movement is resolved move it. This will make monsters move almost as much as the players and makes the game really interesting.
this really made the game more fun and you didn't have to wait as long also the game was not as long as usually.
Any Ideas on improvements and or problems that might come up?
played 5 games like this with 2 players and it worked really well.

Also I let each player role for their monster movement. Not one dice to determine the movement of all monsters and with the DxM reward if you are red and rolling for your red monsters and get a red on the dice you get your DxM reward, but if a purple player is rolling for his monsters and gets a red you don't get the DxM. Also One roll for all your monsters if you have 2 or 3 you still just throw the monster movement dice once.
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