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Default Re: [IC] In Nomine -- The Redemption of Eli

Penny's flaming wheels shift around restlessly. She addresses Faber, saying, "Well, I wanted to report in. As you know, I haven't reported in before. And, um, here I am."

The very stable form of Faber regards the shifting and spinning form of Penny, and the Seraph responds, "Thank you. Do you bring us any news of our patron? What is your status where you are on the Corporeal plane?"

Penny, visibly nervous, again says, "I haven't seen Eli in years. I fear I can't bring you any news of him. That's why I'm finally checking in. Things are going well enough where I am; I'm supporting a small workshop where people modify and work on their bicycles. Some of them really are quite creative."

Some pride in the work she's done and the people that she has worked with comes through in what Penny says.

The Seraph says, "You are doing well. Supporting the word of Creation, and the cause of heaven, is our calling."

There is a pause, and the many-eyed gaze of Faber swings over in the direction of Rudy.

Let me know how you proceed.
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