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Default Re: [IC] In Nomine -- The Redemption of Eli

Originally Posted by rknop View Post
A couple of hours later (whatever an"hour" is in heaven) you come back to the Halls of Creation. Quite a number of Angels of all Choirs are standing around chatting, 25 or 30 in all. A you show up, a few of them greet Penny warmly, being at least old acquaintances.

"Ah, you're back, Buck says."

A seraph glides forward to address you. "I am Faber," the Most Holy says. It gets right to the point. "What do you wish to discuss with us?"
Rhoda/Rudy feels an exhilirating mix of anticipation and nervousness as she greets the Most Holy and views the crowd; the sort of thrill one gets when diving off a cliff or standing up in the roller coaster. Home territory for the Ofanim, in other words.

Still, there is courtesy to consider. She turns a moment to Penny. "Well, kiddo, the Wheels are in motion. Do you want to start or should I?"
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