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Default Re: And the Angel of Irony wept...

Originally Posted by Phoenix42 View Post
One question, though (and this is probably going to be another testament to my ignorance): What is Hurting Wrong Fun? I assume from your usage and capitalisation that it's a term in it's own right, I just haven't heard it before - the curse of being on the wrong side of the pond/channel.
Hurting Wrong Fun is a phrase I usually see used ironically or humorously; it suggests someone saying "How dare you play that way? And how DARE you enjoy it?"

To put what I said earlier another way: there's nothing incorrect about a group tying the game to a particular belief system, unless they're forcing someone to play in a way they're not comfortable with.

EDIT: A definition of HWF from another forum used this: "Hurting Wrong Fun" means "What you like is so wrong to me that it causes me pain to think of you enjoying it. I must therefore do whatever is within my power to prevent you from enjoying it."
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