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Originally Posted by Azel View Post
I'm stunned from my American perspective that they even want to play RPGs in the first place and not have a book burning to "save the children." To hear that your fundamentalists even entertain the idea of playing RPGs, let alone IN, let alone there might be enough European fundamentalist Christians who may want to play, let alone put the effort into doing a conversion, is simply mind-blowing to me. The best we can manage here is being fortuitously overlooked -- the last time our fundamentalist Christians got involved TSR went into an editing frenzy trying to appease people from invoking the wrath of Congress (needless to say, video games occasionally got a similar backlash, however it achieved a critical mass to fight back by the 90s onward).

An interesting find because it's so beyond my realm of experience.
Sorry to burst your bubble - but the guy who wrote this is an American baptist - we Europeans are weird enough, but not like that - and we don't have enough evangelicals for the likelihood to arise that one of them would try roleplaying ^^ (I guess... I hope... oh dear, I've jinxed it haven't I...?). Also, sorry, to confess my ignorance, but what's the TSR?

Originally Posted by Matthias Wasser View Post
Yeah, I agree that this is nothing crazy.
Says a guy who plays angels and demons for fun ^^
But generally I agree... though I would like to note one thing - Angels don't have sex, but strangely, they apparently have a sex, because he refers to all angels as male... which I find perplexing for so many reasons...

But one thing bugs me:

apophrastic panentheism
What is that? I get the panentheism, but I tried the first word, no dictionary knew it, I googled it, and it came short of a googlewhack... in fact, without your post, it is a googlewhack (congrats on that, btw)... and according to that one link, it's from apophras, being Greek for a time of joyous celebration - which does not make me think of In Nomine Archangels, at least not all of them - so I admit, I am intrigued; what is that?

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