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Last but not least, the newly arrived French soldiers, and officers in particular, have needs that need to be addressed. One of those is the current Marshall De Lattre-Tassigny (who in 1947 will be silently removed from his post as commander of the French Zone due to his lack of moral behaviour, a lifestyle that one might euphemistically deem "gregarious", and decadence to the point that many angels may wonder whether he is simply a Balseraph of Gluttony who has lost any sort of self-restraint and simply let rip. He has set up shop in a palatial grounds in southern Germany, where he routinely holds large parties and triumphant monumental marches in his honour - in fact there are some Servitors of Gluttony in his mansion, but they just enjoy his company), but many of the other higher ranks in the French and US armies, as well those in what remains of the German upper classes, like to have a nice party away from it all. In this, Trelli and Makru, two low-ranking Impudite Servitors of Lust, are only too glad to oblige. They have opened up a secret establishment, the "Sheherazade", in an old large bunker building in downtown Mainz, and have garnered the attention of the sordid elite. Their club not only provides an outlet for the sexual frustration of men stationed away from home, but it also inducts them into the more "interesting" aspects: S&M abounds, and not usually in a good way - Trelli and Makru don't care too much about whether the men and women they employ have a good time, only whether their customers get what they want. Their employees are faced with the choice of near-starvation or selling themselves... And occasionally, the two actually garner the occasional masochist who enjoy the job. All in all, the club is a homage to what people do when they feel a lack of control, or have too much power over others - the results aren't pretty.

Ethereal Activity
Only one ethereal is currently active in Mainz: El'Lissann, previously a servitor of Isis. In the late 1990s, while digging the foundations for a new shopping mall in the inner city, builders came across the ruins of a Roman temple to the Goddess Isis. Isis, originally an Egyptian goddess, was revered throughout the Roman Empire in its later centuries, and she even replaced Demeter and Juno as household goddesses of fertility and matrimony. Naturally, even Isis could not hold out against the onslought of the Purification Crusade, and was destroyed. El'Lissann fled, taking some of her mistress's more prized possessions with her. Over the centuries, she has been living a life of seclusion, bartering in celestial and ethereal artefacts with both demons and angels, living off the essence it netted her. She remained useful to the demons in Mainz, but recently, especially with the arrival of Alrishar, she has begun wondering whether she should turn to one side or another for definite protection. She cannot distinguish well between Archangels or Demon Princes, though she understands that some are not necessarily hostile; nevertheless, the demonic activity in the last decade has led her to believe that more cooperation with Heaven would be prudent. She will seek out servitors of those who seem to be most likely to grant her protection while not requiring any concrete allegiance - servitors of Eli, Novalis or Yves who behave the part would seem worth a shot. With those whom she trusts, she is willing to barter artefacts favourably (which in itself should be an incentive for players to be on her good side). In 1945, she still lives underground, in the ruins of her old temple. She also keeps her artefacts here, glinting in the darkness like stars.

And finally, Nazis - well, some of them. The general state of the German populace in June 1945, and well after that, for that matter, is emptiness and denial. No-one talks about the war, nobody mentions what happened, what they did or whether or not they were a party member. A collective veil of shame and pain has covered the Germans, turning them from an arrogant and overly proud people into broken, humble and secretly bitter. Only very few have come to terms with what has happened - that they allowed, in many cases supported, some of the worst carnage in recent history to occur in their country. Servitors of Gabriel can work overtime in Mainz, and never run out of people. Similarly, Dominic's servants are supporting the "denazification" of Germany in Nuremberg. Ironically, no-one amongst the mortals really wants denazification. The Germans, for obvious reasons, do not want their pasts gone through and fingers pointed at them. Almost everyone has a dark secret: citizens who ratted out their neighbour; children who told on their parents' social democratic tendencies at school; Soldiers who were part of mass murders in Eastern Europe; Party members who signed documents for disenfranchisement and deportations of Jews, democrats, Sinti, Roma and all the others; those who knowingly profited from the Nazi's crimes; right down to those who perpetrated them themselves, down to the torture, the gas and the bullets.
The Americans don't want denazification. In fact, they want to get it over as soon as possible, truth be told. They want a strong German republic siding with them against the Soviets, not some disarmed nation that will have to be protected from itself as well as from Communism. The nuremberg trials are necessary, but no-one will ever seriously ask the individual citizen what he was doing in the war until the next generation grows up, and then, in the 60s and 70s, all hell will break loose, and the Germans will radically break with their past, embracing a new destiny (Yves for the win! :) ).
The French don't want to dig too deep, either. Half their army, those taken over from the Vichy French government, is effectively made up of collaborators who assisted in deporting Jews in the same way as their Nazi counterparts. In those terms, servants of Gabriel and Dominic can spend just as much happy time rooting through the French ranks as they do with the Germans.
In the end, if any sort of cleansing of the massive guilt, not to mention punishment of the wicked, is to occur, it won't be coming from humans any time soon. Mainz 1945 is a derelict, dark setting, from a human point of view.
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