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Default Re: Seraphim and Profanity

Originally Posted by ISNorden View Post
Scary thought, in a darker and/or low-contrast game: a Superior deliberately afflicting some angel with Discord appropriate to the assumed Role. Giving him a ready-made Addiction, a physically disabled vessel, or the like doesn't seem very Divine; but Archangels who were determined to make their servitors' "cover" believable might go to huge lengths.
This would make a nice counterpoint to working for someone like Jean. Somewhere in the rules it notes that he's very relaxed on angels making disturbance (since his attunements, and arguably his Word, are kind of noisy to begin with). He definitely seems like the kind of Archangel who would play to stereotypes for "objectively effective" results, like making programmers Gaunt, Obese, or Truthful if it "sells" their computer nerd image...

(Which I say as a card-carrying awkward nerd myself, mind you.)
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