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Default Re: FAQ Update: what should we include?

Here's what I recall:
(Andrew, I can retroactively add links if it will be helpful, but I don't have time for a complex post like that right this moment.)

Buying levels:
Does buying a level constitute a deal?
Does buying a level cost a point of move?
Two sides of the same coin. It does not.

When buying levels, can I sell items directly from my hand?
Yes. Links:

Running Away:
Do the "good" and "bad" room icons affect rolls to run away?
No. The icons affect only combat rolls and search rolls.

If I lose a combat, is my turn over?
No. You may continue to use any remaining move points.

Can I fight the same monster twice in one turn?
Yes! If you run away from a monster and still have enough movement left to re-enter the monster's room, you may attempt to fight it again.

When I am dead, do I receive DxM cards when the monster die rolls my color?
Yes. Even though you are dead, you still remain an active player, and can still receive cards from charity, the monster die, etc.

Monster Movement:
Can monsters leave the board (Monsters Leaving the Board, p. 13) when moving as a result of a card like wandering monster?
No. Monsters only "leave the board" during the monster movement phase while following the colored arrows.
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