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Default Re: Question about cutting a throat.

A couple of notes.

1) Cut does x2 to the neck, so depending on the knife, you might want to go for swing-cut instead of thrust-impaling.

2) If you surprise-attack someone he should be at the very least partially surprised (if he is a guard on watch duty) or completely surprise (if he is anyone else). This should ensure you have a couple of seconds to do the work, even after the initial attack.

3) Remember that in GURPS multi-attacks in one turn can easily represent a single attack. So a AOA:double to the neck could represent plunging the knife in, and then slashing outwards. Or could represent a long deep slash. So you get the Hollywood visual of a single motion to cut the neck and not the manic- effect of someone continuously stabbing someone in the neck.

4) remember that unlike most other systems. GURPS is realistic in that people very rarely "insta-dies". Instead they take enough damage to cause a major wound witch would take down most people (even if they make their HT roll) or if your lucky, reduce them to below 0 HP, which would take out most people in a couple of seconds.

So, example:
ST:12, Skill 14. Large knife.

Making Telegraphic AOA:double. (skill:14-5neck+4telegraphic=13 (83% chance) x2). Not a stretch to assume both hits.
Someone trained in this would have Targeted Attack technique from Martial Arts as well.

2x 1d cut dam. = 3+4 x2 = 14 dam. enough to take even a tough guy down to below 0 HP and cause a Major Wound.
So the target has to roll an immediate HT check for Major wound and then one each turn to stay concious.
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