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Default Re: Question about cutting a throat.

I'm with gjc8.

I tend to use Tactical Combat Rules.
B391 says that you cannot defend against attacks from your rear hex.

So PC Kenny Knife (ST12, Large Knife, Skill 14) is standing behind Gary the Guard.
Gary the Guard knows the Kenny is there, but assumes Kenny is a friend (or something like this), further the guard is giving directions to Della the Distraction.

Kenny Evaluates for three seconds (+3). Then Fast Draws his knife, steps into close combat, and makes a Telegraphic Attack (+4).

If you are using Basic Only:
Kenny goes for Impaling to the Neck (-5), Total skill 16. Kenny is going to make this attack in all likelihood.

Gary gets no defense.

Kenny does 1d-1imp damage. Let's say that's a role of 2 damage. x2 for Impaling damage: 4 damage total.

Now...this leaves Gary alive, bleeding, and ready to turn around to attack. It might have been better for Kenny to take an All-Out Attack (Double). The first attack a grapple to the head, then the stab to the neck.

Now Gary is grappled and and has very limited choices. Kenny can stab him to death...or hold him until he bleeds out.

If you are using Martial Arts, Kenny could have stabbed him in the neck artery for x2.5 damage rather than x2 damage.
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