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Default Question about cutting a throat.

Hello I am somewhat new to the GURPS scene and have a question.

I have read nearly every GURPS4E Book out there for the answer. With only a few hints to help. Here is the scenario: We were in a campaign and one of my PCs wanted to assassinate someone when their back was to him. The NPC had seen him but was preoccupied by talking to another PC. PC1 said that he wanted to pull his knife out and cut his throat. Being the DM I honestly had no idea how to handle this so I just let him have it. "Okay, hes dead." Later that night I was looking for something to help me in this scenario if it comes up again (it will with these guys LOL). The only thing I could find similar to this was on page B405.
It talks only about the garrote. "Once you are in position, roll
against Garrote skill to hit. You must target the neck, at the usual -5 to hit. In most cases, your target is unaware... The victim may attempt to parry with his hand or a ready close-combat weapon, but he does so at -3. Unless he has Combat Reflexes, he is most likely mentally stunned, for an additional -4 to his defense roll... (here it talks about grappling, which I don't think applies here unless defense wins, but that is obvious)... An improvised garrote (almost any piece of rope) gives -2 to skill. A wire garrote must be equipped with handles, or you will take thrust/cutting damage to each hand!"

Here is my thought: replace Garrote skill with Knife skill in this case. Defense is the same. No grappling unless defense wins. And of course IF defense DOES win and parries then they will take damage to the hand. What do you guys think.
If there is a page in one of the books that explains this please tell me.
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