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Default Re: Seraphim and Profanity

I think Seraphim (and angels serving more proper Archangels like Dominic) would avoid using profanity that refers to damnation, Hell, or such--that's simply not a laughing matter, and even though an experienced Seraph would know that shouting "damn it!" at a wall after stubbing one's toe isn't in English an actual condemnation of the object to Gehenna, the word probably has uncomfortable Symphonic undertones.

Since almost no one uses certain cursewords in their literal sense (I don't think I've ever actually meant to imply someone had no father), they're fair game. Others are more likely to be used literally ("why did you f'bomb my wife, Tim?"), and in that usage a Seraph is bound as by any other verb.

I imagine any Servitor of Destiny avoids heavy profanity usage, as it cheapens the meaning of real words and often inflicts long-term self-esteem issues, which might lead someone to his Fate. On the flip side, I'm sure the Groves see their fair share of Malakim jerking into being next to their Hearts with a 100% truthful, honest frustration manifesting in the divine language:

A dark-winged being, still cringing with the pain-echoes of a corporeal death-blow, appeared on the grass in front of Jiniviel, Elohite of War. "Intense, emotionless copulation!" the Malakite sang in frustration.

Jiniviel blinked, amethyst eyes wide as he cocked his head to one side. "Calabim again, eh?
“The world is going to Hell in a hand-basket, but I’ve got Good News: I saved my soul by switching to Heaven.”
—Baruel, former Djinn of the Media, now Cherub of Destiny and the Angel of Good News

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