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Default Re: Seraphim and Profanity

Originally Posted by Matthias Wasser View Post
If vernacular English is the first form of English the Seraph has learned, I don't think even this will be a problem. If Seraphim are particularly averse to the use of standardized expressions then there are many languages, like French, which they're almost guaranteed to hate (this could of course be an interesting flavor choice.)
In that case, I'm glad that none of the players in my Sweden-based campaign chose a Seraph character; most "metaphorical" profanity in Swedish centers on Hell and the Devil. Imagine a Seraph who picks up Swedish as a second human language (not native to his Role).
  • Does he gain dissonance for calling an ordinary human thief den dumma jäveln ("that stupid devil", roughly the same as "stupid bastard/SOB")?
  • Does he gain dissonance when he's frustrated with an ordinary, Shedite-free and non-Vapulan machine...and says Någon borde stänga av den där jävla datorn? ("Someone should turn off that devil computer"...the equivalent of describing it with the F-word or "bloody" in English.)
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