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Default Re: Seraphim and Profanity

His instinct would be to avoid doing so, I would think. If he must, it would probably take deliberate efforts to compose the proper sentence rather than reflexive cursing.

To some extent, this should match with his stance on metaphor. If he is comfortable calling a liar a two-faced scoundrel (the second face is a metaphoric mask), he could be equally comfortable calling someone a b*st*rd even if they're not, because listeners understand that he's referring to personality rather than ancestry. This is a subtle point for Seraphim without Earth experience.

Btw: a man who has fathered a child is a mofo. Instead of saying "that's bullsh*t," he could simply utter the word, "bullsh*t." The same applies to other non-sentences, such as "You *ss." He could have a quirk of "Be nice to mommas. I never call someone a son of a b*tch unless I happen to know their mom really is that nasty."
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