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Default Seraphim and Profanity

Assume for a moment that a Seraph, unlikely as it sounds, has a Role as a gang member, a wiseguy, or some other occupation where profanity is a near-mandatory first language. How close can the Most Holy fly to the wind without being caught in the literal meaning of the expression?

Can he call someone the classic MF title, even if he knows the person has never comitted incest with the appropriate parent?

Can he shout at someone to "Open the F'ing door," even though it is impossible that the object has ever been used for copulation?

Can he shoot down a lie by saying "That's (bull excrement)," even though the words bear no actual resemblance to pastoral manure?

For that matter, can he call someone an S.O.B (unabbreviated), despite the fact that there are no canines anywhere in the individual's ancestry?

In short, where do you draw the dissonance line?

It's an odd subject, but as strange as my group gets, it may come in handy someday ....
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