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Originally Posted by natesroom View Post
I see alot of these posts lamenting the price on certain items. These are not necassary to enjoy Munchkin, and you would only need to purchase One set if you'd like to use them. I think that the Idea is "We've made Multiple colors for those that like other colors, and here is the price for that feature"

I dont think its SJ Games fault that you or I feel the pull to buy every jumbo dice color they produce, even if in doing so it would cost $35 for 6 cards and 10 dice.

I think it is a fair price per item.
I, too, think it is a fair price per item. If I were to lament anything it would be that it was designed so that it decidedly ISN'T just "We've made Multiple colors for those that like other colors, and here is the price for that feature", but rather, "We've included unique cards in every different color of die in hopes that it will entice you to buy more dice than you would ordinarily want to".

I can't fault them for that thinking. They are a business (one that makes quality products) and therefore trying to bring in more profit. But it still bums me a bit to think there will be 5 (presumably cool) Munchkin cards I won't ever get my hands on simply because I can't bring myself to purchase redundant product to get them. And so far as I know, this is the first case where getting these kind of Munchkin cards HAS required purchasing redundant product. (And that has, for me, been a big attraction over other card games that put out multiple expansions, and are ALL ABOUT selling you a bunch of redundant product.)

My only OTHER "price" lament ALSO involves an item whose price is totally fair, IMHO- the W23 booster. And that's just a case of lamenting the fact that the cost more than doubles when you take shipping into account, thus becoming, in my case, unreasonable- not for them to charge, but for me to pay. Wish there was some other way to get it, that's all. (I am looking into whether there is anybody local here in Portland, OR that might want to go in on an order and split the shipping, so perhaps that lament will have a happy ending yet!)
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