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Default Re: jumbo dice and dice bag

Originally Posted by daver View Post
Thanks. Unfortunately MQ does nothing for me... :(

And spending $35 on 6 cards and 10 dice, when I can get 15 cards for $4 and 6 dices for $3 is a bit high....
Even if they're big.
I see alot of these posts lamenting the price on certain items. These are not necassary to enjoy Munchkin, and you would only need to purchase One set if you'd like to use them. I think that the Idea is "We've made Multiple colors for those that like other colors, and here is the price for that feature"

I dont think its SJ Games fault that you or I feel the pull to buy every jumbo dice color they produce, even if in doing so it would cost $35 for 6 cards and 10 dice.

I think it is a fair price per item.

Good work on the items and now i'm curious to know what the new expansion Icon that was posted in a tweet a few weeks back that gabby was working on. I thought it was a Christmas icon but the new reindeer games icon is not the same

here is the link
If i respond to your questions do no mistake me for a moderator... I'm just trying to be friendly and helpful, again I am just a player not a moderator

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