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Alas, Friday afternoon finds the Tradewinds virtually under siege. A bunch of toughs loiter near its entrance, making it clear that you're not going to leave until they give the word. The police aren't much help--the toughs leave until the cops are out of sight, and then they're back again. One big scary guy hangs out near the back door, and when you try to leave that way he just says "Calabite. Wanna try me?"
At six pm they leave as mysteriously as they came. A quick call to Rina-el tells the same story--some tough guys hanging around, coming and going for no apparent reason.
And so, Mitchim misses the graduation party.[/QUOTE]

Mitch scowls out the window and drops a note to the local tether about the uptick in demon activity. He spends the night at the pawnshop after making sure his assistant gets home safe. The next morning he calls Ryuki's cell phone to gives his appologies.
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