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[QUOTE=tHEhERETIC;1179127]Corat finds each of you, Sunae, Mitchim, Ash, and Zahirah, wherever you might be. While he's no Cherub, once he knows where to look he's unerring in getting there. He hands you an envelope, nice white paper, copper-colored coating on the inside. A formal invitation.

"Hey." While he's still fast and restless, Corat is no longer quite as hyper as he used to be. Switching from Wind to War has moderated him a bit, at least in that department. "He didn't have an address for you, so I told him I'd deliver them." When you open the envelopes you find they are announcements for a graduation--Ryuki has completed his Master's in Economics. In lieu of an invitation to the graduation itself, you are invited to a small party at the office, 4pm Friday. Seeing your disappointment, Corat explains.

"He's not going to the cap-and-gown thing--kind of a long story there. But first there'll be a celebration at the office, then we and the family and one or two close friends will walk down to the Watari home for a private celebration. Here's the address; here's a map in case you need one." He's barely stifling laughter at that last comment--he enjoys not needing maps.

"Any questions?"

OOC: Sorry for the lateness

IC: Mitch is at his shop in LA and accepts the invitation with a smile "Thanks for stoping by. I should be able to make it. How's War treating you? Seem to be in a chipper mood."
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