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Ida Harris
A studio apartment in a San Francisco suburb

A thirty-something woman, dark-haired and with medium-toned skin sits at a computer, in a small room, with a bed that appears to be used more as a storage shelf for assorted bits of various gadgets then for its intended purpose. She is clicking and skimming rapidly through a series of technology enthusiast blogs when her email program spontaneously loads, with a new message from a very familiar address. It reads

”“Servitor:I have a sensitive mission I need you to complete. We have a new contractor of sorts in San Francisco, one who supposedly can acquire or create unique talismans--even relics. I'd like to put his skills to the test. I am sending you a business card. Go to the address on the card and speak to Ryuki.He is frequently in need of a technical consultant, use that as an excuse to talk to him. Do not discuss this business with anyone else, and be aware that his father has a similar name. You want the young man of average height, not the short older man. Tell him we wish to acquire the 'Mighty Squeaky Hammer of Smiting' Give him this scroll as payment.""

As she reads the message, a business card printer in the corner of the room prints off a business card, despite currently not being plugged in, and a rolled up scroll appears on the desk, with a small note of Disturbance.

She blinks That's unusual she thinks. But then Jean is an Elohite and Elohim are inscrutable like that. His reasons will surely be obvious after the dust settles. In the mean time, this will be a change from fixing computers after their owners used the CD tray for a coffee cup holder. She pockets the card, and slides the scroll in her purse and prepares to venture out.

[I hope my SFX were OK?]
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