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Default Re: In Nomine: the Pacific War (IC)

Kane Kineman
Somewhere in the "Inland Empire"

It had been a good night at the tonk. It usually was.

Kane smiled as he tilted back his head and emptied the beer bottle. Good tunes for a good crowd. He'd even scored a small win for his old boss ... that 20-something watching eagerly from the back turned out to blow a decent piano, when he got the chance to play backup. The kid might be somethin' in a couple of years.

Sure, Kane was workin' with Stone these days. But that didn't mean he couldn't scout a little talent, keep the music alive.

He stepped out the door, heading for the pickup. Stopped.

Well, speak of the ... Archangel.

“The songs went well, I trust, Servitor?” David’s voice rolled at the unhurried pace of Stone ... and was just about as unstoppable.

“Yes, sir,” Kane said, just a little bit of ‘cowboy’ shading his tones. His eyes glanced back at the dirty window. “They’re a nice bunch. Not fancy or fine, but they hang together.”

“As they should. But now I have need of you.”

Kane nodded.

The rock-hard Superior passed a flimsy card to the country singer. Kane’s fair eyes studied it, then looked up, confused.

“San Francisco?”

“A new ... contractor,” David said. “One who can find or make new talismans. One who can be a source of relics. It is good to test the strength of such a one, to see his power. Yes?”


“You shall approach this Ryuki ... the younger, taller man, not his father. You shall ask for the ‘Mighty Squeaky Hammer of Smiting.’ You shall not divulge this to any other.”

Small danger, Kane thought. The whole thing sounds like one of those practical jokes from the tee-vee. Was David losing it? That sort of thought was common enough around Eli, but the Malakite Superior was known to be of – literally – sterner stuff.

“You shall also tell him this,” David went on, briefly whispering a short message. “Bring back any answer you receive. Have you any questions?”

Normally, the safe answer was no. But Kane was curious. “Sir ... is this anything to do with that ruckus down in LaLa? It’d be nice to shake things up a bit for the Hellboys, keep ‘em from getting comfy.”

A thin smile crossed the stony features. “I see. Eager as a Virtue should be.” The Archangel turned, looking westward. “And perhaps not without satisfaction.”

And with that, the Archangel passed into the earth without a sound.

Kane sighed, slung his guitar, slipped the card into a shirt pocket.

Crazy or not, he had his marching orders.
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