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Originally Posted by Acolyte View Post
If any of you are Pandora users, I have a Pandora station that I always play in the background during most RPG sessions, but it's spot-on for In Nomine. You should be able to search for it under the email, with the title "Ominous Latin Chanting and other Epicness". It's sure to spice up your game session!
--cries-- I love Pandora, but it's blocked here outside of the United States. Or it was. It's still trying to load, haven't gotten the 'blocked' message yet.
--edit-- OMG bounce bounce squee it's working!!!
--------edit--- It worked at work. Some quirk of the firewall? That I can duplicate at home? The laptop here at my apartment gives me 'Sorry, you're in the wrong country' message.
Criminy...these two have enough issues, they can sell subscriptions! (ladyarcana55, in a PM)

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