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Default Re: In Nomine: the Pacific War (OOC)

Originally Posted by tHEhERETIC View Post
Okay by me, but a couple complications.
Puck, have you done everything you intended to do here? When we jump over to PW, we'll be fast-forwarding a couple months.
I have one objective here, and it's not been met. Looks like maybe it won't, so I'll have to write around it. I don't want to screw it up by saying what it is, only that I've been carefully watching those 'totems' to make a decision.

Andygal and RocketMan have yet to put together characters, and until they do (and anyone else checks in) I really can't start that part. I'm sure they'll take suggestions...
well I'm certainly good with continuing too, I mean I am enjoying her conversation with Ryuki. I just didn't want to hold everyone else up for me.

As for the totems, maybe it will help if I tell you ooc how she sees them. She sees them as a tool like any other. She sees sorcery as a path to temptation and a hard one to walk with out falling into that trap, but if you can avoid that trap she doesn't see it as any different than say an angel using songs. Either can become something that you become to dependent on. It's really a matter of how the person uses the tool not what the tool is.

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