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Default [3e] USS Lexington

USS Lexington (TL5)
Purchased in the Dutch West Indies as the "Wild Duck," the ship was again purchased by the Marine Committee once she reached Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was commissioned as the USS Lexington and fitted for war. In 1776, she captured by sloop Edward and the Lady Susan. She was captured herself by the British frigate Pearl, but her Yankee crew (who was allowed to stay on board with the English prize crew) recaptured her and returned to Baltimore.
In 1777 she captured two more prizes, but her luck ran out in September, when she was captured by the English cutter Alert off the coast of France.

Subassemblies: Body with Mediocre lines +7, one 112' Foremast +3, one 119' Mainmast +3.
Powertrain: 12,006 sf of Brigantine-rigged Cloth Sails.
Occupancy: Up to 12 in cabins, up to 50 in hammocks. Minimum crew is 1 driver + 4 sailors. Assumes 110 crew.
Cargo: 9,000 cf

Armor: 3/6W overall

14x 4-pounder Cannons [Body:L,R] (100 shots each).
2x 6-pounder Cannons [Body:L,R] (100 shots each).
12x 50mm Swivel guns [Body:F,B] (100 shots each).

Body: Navigation instruments, 1 luxury cabin, 5 cabins, 50 hammocks (assumes hot bunking), galley, complete workshop, 3,300 man-days provisions. On Deck: Capstan (5,280-lb. crane with 12-man muscle engine), Longboat (p. SW114), primitive controls.

Size: 86'x24'x119' Payload: 127 tons Lwt.: 232 tons
Volume: 22,765 cf. Maint.: 39 hours Price: $258,633

HT: 8. HPs: 7,229 Body, 324 Foremast; 366 Mainmast.

wSpeed: 16 wAccel: 1 wDecel: 1 wMR: 0.05 wSR: 6
Draft: 11'. Flotation Rating: 649 tons.

Design Notes:
Structure is Medium, with Standard materials. Waterproofed. Armor is DR 6 Standard Wood. The volume of the armor is figured into the design, as per the rules on p. VEii5. Body volume was calculated using the Builder's Old Measurement. Mast height were determined from a scale model of the ship.
Accommodations are a guess. Design draft was 5.6'; it was doubled for better realism.
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