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Originally Posted by Jürgen Hubert View Post

OK, a lot of this is recycled material from the previous edition. Even two of the scenarios are still included, though the Madness Dossier is missing...
It's a new edition, not an all-new book. Madness Dossier isn't there because that setting will be getting a longer treatment elsewhere . . . Despite that one omission, the new edition has 176 pages to the previous one's 128 pages, which translates into 38% more content by word count (so without Madness Dossier, it's more than 40% new material). The extra text comes from roughly a third again as many monsters; entirely new systems for stress and derangement, insanity, and corruption; support for new subgenres (notably J-horror, survival horror, and torture horror); and a bibliography that takes into account a decade of horror fiction released since the last edition. Finally, the recycled content has all been updated to GURPS Fourth Edition and in a lot of cases overhauled descriptively as well (e.g., holy water and silver weapons both get better treatments that offer a wider range of options).
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