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Wreckage and WoW are the comparisons I get the most ... and Outrider is certainly designed to be a 'lighter' game, like these titles.

It does contain a fair amount of abstraction, mostly in regards to scale and is turn/initiative based as opposed to a simultaneous system. Players use a combination of maneuver cards and actions to 'program' what they want to do that turn and then it is resolved - the more you stack on your driver, the more likely you will not complete everything. The core mechanic of the game/design is finding ways to mitigate/offset the dice and find the right moments to press your luck, as the way the vehicle templates and design constarints work, you will always be managing some weakness (do you want to be fast/weak or tough/slow, that sort of thing) you can tweak the cars to fit the scenario and team play is essential, as most scenarios are based around a 'convoy' theme.

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Originally Posted by Jeffr0 View Post
Okay; tell me about this.

Print & play...? Yeah?

Has anyone here played this, yet?

How does it compare to Wreckage and/or Wings of War?
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