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I ordered it yesterday. I had some problems with my e23 account so I'm still awaiting a reply, and do not have the pdf's.

It was my fault, but I hope things work out.

Originally Posted by Jeffr0 View Post
How does it compare to Wreckage and/or Wings of War?
I have never played either of these games, or even knew of thier existence, so I couldn't begin to compare them.

I did look at their website and a few things really encouraged me, to at least check it out was...
  • The game was made specifically to be used with matchbox, by attaching a blank (Maneuver?) card to the toy car.
  • Using matchbox cars leaves a wide variety of car types that are available.
  • There are a number of links, on his website, that have companies that deal with add-on pieces for cars (such as weapons, armour, ram plates etc.) and pedestrians and motorcycles.
  • Even using matchbox cars the potential for using them like miniatures, for painting and adding parts, is there, if your into that sort of thing.
  • There are enough "modules" that are in the works that expand the game to include other cool things that can be incorporated into your game. They seem to be set-up that you can pick and play between them. (Modules such as adding new types of weapons, new types of vehicles, city rules, pedestrian rules etc.)
  • The combination between using dice and cards seem cool and will have to see how well the mesh together.
  • I've always thought about using cards, instead of measurement tools, to move the car about and fire on enemies, Outrider does this and it appears that it makes it easier for movement to happen simultaneously.
  • The module that deals with damaging stationary objects, like houses.
  • Each module expands the rules, slowly and for very specific things, makes the learning curve that much easier. It reminds me of Carrcassone in the way that game introduced expansions.
  • Modules forthcoming that add a third dimension for terrian.
  • Adding cards to make hits and maneuvering that more in depth, in what seems a simple way, is encouraging.
  • The inclusion of a simple set of rules that can be taught quickly and keep games around an hour, makes it easier to teach and play with new players.

The bad... sort of...
  • The scale really limits as to what you can do. Not so much of a problem if your OK with playing on the floor rather than a table, or have access to a large conference style table.
  • The use of multiple types of dice beyond a d6. This is just a niggling, personal taste, but from what I can surmise it'll probably turn into a plus.
  • So far, it seems as there is no module planned for air units.
  • Not a pdf guy, but most of the pages you need access to a colour printer, or get them printed a Kinko's etc. can prove to be expensive.
  • The suggestion of using card sleeves looks as though it'll subtract enjoyment, rather than enhance.
  • From what I can tell, the car types themselves follow more of the route of Car Wars 5e (Having cars, and their abilities, as static types.) rather than the ability to create your own individual type of car. This maybe proven wrong after reading the rules, but from what I've read it doesn't appear so. Maybe it was done this way to easily keep balance amongst different kinds of vehicles.
  • It doesn't appear that speed variation, of your vehicle, to other vehicles, is explained unless you buy future "modules".

Those are without even looking at the game. I could probably add more positives and negatives (Or, alter some of my positives or negatives.) once I've read the rules. Knowing there is no more new Car Wars games on the horizon, this, so far, seems like a game that I could get into.

Once I have the game, I'll try to post more of my thoughts.

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