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Default Re: Updated / New Character Sheets

Originally Posted by Armin
We have stumbled across an issue related to regional settings and the new Options feature in the character sheets (as related to fonts). Users using a region with a period as the decimal separator shouldn't be affected by this issue.

I have posted a new update of the official sheet on my site at that corrects for what we've found so far.

If your 'charactersheet.gcs' sheet is hanging with the "it's taking too long" message, try the updated one.

Sorry for the issues,

I wasn't getting that issue before with the old version but I am getting it now with this new version. However before that error comes up I get another dialog box.
An exception "Runtime Error" has occurred in Script.
It gives me the option of using the selected debugger. So I ran the debugger and this is what I got:
Microsoft VBScript Rtime error: Object Required: 'Options'
Then it poins to the following line;
optionFont = Options.Value("FormFont")

By the way this also happening in the charactersheet.gcs file as well and for every character I have.

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