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Default Re: Munchkin Zombies promo cards, are they depleted?

Originally Posted by Sublevel27 View Post
I just received another huge order, and again, received no Zombies promos. Are they out of them at Warehouse 23? What I spent on my order, I could have gotten them for sure on eBay. So many people seemed to have received them, but is it just that I don't meet some criteria for them because of my location or minimum order?

I understand that promos are typically random, (though I have more Weirdly Bearded Monsters and Go Up A Level's than I know what to do with), but it was my understanding that the Zombies promos went out in every order. How many orders do I need to submit before getting one? What am I doing incorrectly?
We're still sending them out, every order has been getting them. Could you p-mail me the order number of your last order? I'll look into this personally.
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