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Default Re: Munchkin and Zombies?

Originally Posted by majikfreak View Post
I played Zombie at Gamestorm this weekend. Mine should be here Tuesday or Wednesday. I already have plans to make my first game zombie/Bites. it's just seems such a perfect fit.
Interesting blend. I've got a GBM+Zombies combo set up, just because it's so easy, but I wonder how that or Zombithulhu would play out. (Hm - would the Bowling Pin from Cthulhu contribute to or benefit from the "Bowling items" bonus?)

Once MZ2 comes out, I may have to do some experimentation. Blends with GBM, Super, Bites, Booty, and Cthulhu all have their own perks...but just how nuts do I want to go? ;)
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