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My friend and I have been quickly building our fantasy Munchkin set, and, as true Munchkin addicts, we are quickly snapping up all the boosters and expansions to complete the set. Along with that we would like to acquire as many different promo cards as we can for the little bits of spice they add to the game. I plan to purchase Munchkin 5 and 6 from Warehouse 23 in the near future and I was wondering if I will get more promo items by ordering the items separately rather than together. I know I will have to pay the shipping for two separate orders but I don't mind if it means more cards (like I said, I'm addicted). Any anecdotal or official word on this is appreciated.

Also, how many different promo cards does W23 keep in stock at one time, I believe we got two fantasy Munchkin promos and a Munchkin Booty card along with some bookmarks and coins with the Munchkinomicon booster we picked up a few weeks ago.
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