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The old Acc values were whacked. They let almost-unskilled shooters with just enough skill to add full Acc do silly things by aiming and bracing, like make fairly reliable headshots at 200 feet. It was a sacrifice to cut the available Acc range in half, but in the end, we felt it resulted in a more balanced game.

We felt it best to say that:

-- Low-tech weapons keep their 3e Accs (0-4) to make fantasy games playable and fun.

-- Low-powered firearms -- handguns*, shotguns†, etc. -- get an Acc in the low to middle part of the low-tech range (1-3), since they're intended for far shorter ranges than bows on medieval battlefields, even though the bullets often go quite far.

-- Rifles get an Acc at the high end (4) and above (5-7) . . . but most really long-ranged, precise rifles need a scope if you want to take advantage of that range and precision, which is why sniper rifles are 6+3 and not 9. That said, the limit on aiming aids means that an Acc 5-6 rifle can get an extra +5 or +6 from sights and scopes, so the effect is double what it looks like.

* I realize this is controversial, but we spoke to lots of handgun shooters, and most agreed that the tiny distance between sights made aimed Acc no better than sighting along a yard-long arrow or crossbow -- and probably quite a bit worse. Pistols can sleaze around this, though, because they count as braced if you just use two hands, giving +1.

† Shotguns, however, always have a fantastic bonus to hit with some shot -- somewhere between +2 and +5 -- thanks to effective RoF!
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