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Default Re: question about bookmark of dark vileness

The wording of the bookmark implies that there is no need to lose the same number of Levels as cards (both times, it says "as many . . . as you like"), the only important thing being that you must lose at least one Level to use this bookmark. The number of Levels the target loses is the total of cards and Levels the user of the bookmark gave up, so if you use this bookmark and dump 3 cards and 4 Levels, your target would have to lose 7 Levels.

For the bookmark to work the other way, where you would have to discard an equal number of cards and Levels, it would have to be worded along the lines of: "Discard as many cards as you like (minimum 1), now lose that many Levels." And then go on to say, "Your chosen victim no loses as many levels as the number of cards you discarded."
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