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Default Re: Bad stuff for Redneck Tree

I guess it depends on whether your character can tell the biological differences between fungi and plant life. ;-)

Honestly, this would probably come down to your group's preference, for lack of a better term. I agree with you, a fungus is not a plant and wouldn't expect you to suffer the penalty against a fungal Monster, but if I don't have access to the Internet to provide sufficient argument to convince everyone at the table, I'm not going to fight it. Well, I'm an official voice for Munchkin, so I will fight, and win, but if I weren't. . .

Oh, and, what I mean to say here is this: A fungus isn't a plant, so officially, I'm going to state that victims of Redneck Trees are safe from trembling fear of Fungus, but I can't guarantee the Humongous Fungus won't give you a shiver. . .
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