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Default Re: The 2011 e23 Releases and Speculation Thread

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-GURPS Monster Hunters 1 (by Jason "PK" Levine; preview PDF corrected as of January 7th, still needs art; has 2011 release date; described as "Mix 2 c. Dungeon Fantasy, 2 c. Action, 2 c. Black Ops, 1 c. Voodoo, 1 c. Powers, and 2 tsp. Psionics into 1 qt. Horror:", and should also include "2-1/2 c. Thaumatology"; series includes "powers, magic, vampires, and violence", "chupacabras, rogue angels, and axes", "curses, hunting, undergrounds, and plagues", "hordes, werewolves, and energy gathering", and "hand-loaded thermate rounds, Adrenal-Muscular Trigger, and divinations."; will be compatible with Divine Favor, Gun Fu, Thaumatology, Psionic Powers, etc; first leaked here; description of project here; confirmed as multiple volumes here and here, more details here)

-GURPS Monster Hunters 2 (by Jason "PK" Levine; preview PDF corrected as of January 7th, still needs art; has 2011 release date; will include "database hacking", "maze-like tombs", and "mesmerizing taint"; RPK edits for final draft in progress as of October 27th; includes "Chapter 2: Being Awesome")

-GURPS Monster Hunters 3 (by Jason "PK" Levine; final draft reviewed as of January 7th, 2010; includes "puncture tube", "undroppable flaming sword", and "parasites"; vignettes involve "reggae zombie party", "hookers from hell", and "kamikaze fire-bears"; will provide uses for wildcard skills at higher relative levels, "stats and details for a bunch of monsters" and SEAL teams fighting mutated animals)

-GURPS Monster Hunters 4 (by Jason "PK" Levine; outline approved and writing started as of January 21st)
Pure speculation on what the actual book topics will be:

It might be similar to how Action and DF have been. Templates for the first book, exploits/adventures for the second, the third book for powerups or special abilities campaigns (though from the hint it would seem to have stats for monsters as wel) and maybe the 4th a specific set of rules for a class/type of game.

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